2016 Hyundai Tucson – car Review

16 new cars so this January the new high on the Tucson has burst straight into the market as our new top selling car for the year so far. Replacing the popular I X35 is fast becoming a very familiar sight on our roads and judging by the continuously strong sales performance look that’s become even more familiar sale today route let him go on a on the in rock guys to see what all the fuss is about and to see what it’s taken to strip the mighty. By on the crown of From WNED. Regarding the name if it sounds familiar see that’s because it’s not the first time he on they have use it and they did have another short lived to sign between 2000 and 4 and 2009 presenter placed by the I EC 35 and is now back to Tucson again which in case you’re wondering is a city in our zoning. So though the foreign fox and the way we’ll cross gone firstly with the new design which is no doubt a huge part of the 2 sons appeal but it’s big bold grail a sharp angular lines.

Hyundai Tucson 2016I think a whole country is in agreement that this is a very hands on higher. It’s equally as attractive inside the cop and the layout is force free and functional it’s easy to navigate and the quality of the materials years given a really premium look and feel. That’s further enhanced by the premium features on offer on all models in the range Goma packing sensors cruise control alloy wheels and air conditioning a standards. Mistake executive models I heated leather seats and an 8 inch touch screen display complete without non on reversing primary and then the top of the line premium range models out a panoramic glass sunroof rain sensing window wipers additional safety features I could go on but the choice of trans is really good with them in between specs thrown in there as well so that you only pay for the things that he really wants.

The wide variety and trim in the wide variety in price too but at the moment they start from under 26000 euro for the base model Tatchell ago right up to 42.5000 euro for the 4 wheel drive automatic diesel but the average spend fear typical customer would be about 30500 euro for the 1 seventies on the executive Tran. So far so good but we’ve also got to look at how it measures up in terms of proxy policy and perhaps not surprisingly it does pretty well here too space wise it’s impressive it feels real meal fronts and 3 adults will fit quite comfortably in the black until even more so time for the pulldown center and maths. Also new HID Hyundai Tucson headlight bulb. The build measures in a 500 person in the series and is the largest and of what we would call the 4 major players in this bottle of the moments which include the nest on cost guy the red oak high chair on the key is for size. Stories in the cabin is also well taught a wash with several cool polders wide door bins and essential storage Kobe.

Moving on to slightly more important ground in the safety raising it the full 5 star and have cut with a raft of additional driver assistance available on the higher spec models which includes things like lane departure warning lane change assist and blind spot monitoring. All of those features help to take the worry out of your drive which is your typical comfortable cross over experience. Although it does feel more refined than the I X 35 it replaces whichever steering a quieter cabin for a more relaxing drive and it’s still got that spot on suspension setup that Brian said any bones in the road without ever feeling to bend see. This is the 1.7 liter diesel on the most popular model in the range of free improvements in both power and fuel economy where 16 HP acclaimed MPG of 61 or 4.6 liters per 100 kilometers. A low carbon emissions means a cost us €200 a year to tax.

You have to go over the 2 liter diesel if you won 4 wheel drive are automatic and then the 1.6 litre petrol is an attractive option for those who do more city based writing. Also worth noting is the impressive 5 year warranty which doesn’t quite match kia 7 put on like a south Korean cousins there’s no mileage limit on the last. So for some people particularly heavier road users the prospect of 5 years what element might even see within a bit better. All in all I would be inclined to say that yes you can believe the hype and it really is a fine car all rams. Plus the improvements in bill because he across the entire high on they range over the last decade should mean that you have little to worry about in terms of reliability either see for yourself here at Murphy and going high on the in rock guy or find your local high and they do their own cars aren’t into dotty.


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