Digital Referral

Increase Access, Reduce Wait Times, & Minimise Admin Tasks

Digital Referral provides users a digital, self-referral pathway to SilverCloud® by Amwell® programmes using the patient management systems iaptus or PCMIS to capture and share patient record data securely.  


Seamless Integration with Digital Referral:


SCH_New-Website_DR_500x500px – 1

A user can refer themselves through a form hosted by a case management system (e.g. iaptus or PCMS) on the service's website capturing the user demographics and information required to create a record.

SCH_New-Website_DR_500x500px – 2

An automated email referral is sent through the SilverCloud® platform within 30 minutes to the user.

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The user goes through SilverCloud® sign-up process which may include questionnaires relevant to the minimum data set (MDS) and any risk exclusions. 

SCH_New-Website_DR_500x500px – 4

Service accepts referral. The SilverCloud® platform flows data captured to the service's case management system.

SCH_New-Website_DR_500x500px – 5

The user can access SilverCloud® content while waiting for additional care. 


Elevate your services by:

  • Increasing access rates and patient reach

  • Delivering on-demand access to programmes and reducing wait times

  • Reducing admin and therapist demand

    • Online patient management system referral forms require no manual input
  • Information received enables informed decision making

  • Tailoring setup based on Services acceptance criteria and risk management

  • Helping manage priorities and workforce capacity  

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