At SilverCloud®, we are happy to be offering Digital Referral (a.k.a Direct to Digital) to our trusted IAPT partners, following a successful partnership project with Mayden, provider of the leading digital care record for psychological therapies (iaptus). Direct-to-Digital provides users with a digital, self-referral pathway to SilverCloud® programmes using the iaptus patient management system to capture and share patient record data securely.

In this webinar, we will explore, alongside our guest speakers from our partners at Northamptonshire NHS, Berkshire NHS and Mayden, what Direct to Digital is and how it can work for your service.

Key things you can expect to learn from this webinar:

  • What Direct to Digital is and how it works
  • How implementing Direct to Digital can reduce admin and therapist demand
  • How Direct to Digital can help to manage priorities and workforce capacity
  • What our customers and partners like about having Direct to Digital and the key impacts it has had