Mental health services were already stretched before the pandemic. But now the crisis in care has intensified – the pressures on mental health services and the people who deliver them are unprecedented and unsustainable.

Health providers simply can’t meet increased demand, with stretched resources and staff shortages the norm. Only one in eight adults with a mental health problem in the UK are currently receiving any kind of treatment.

This stark reality isn’t just impacting on patients, but healthcare staff too. As demand outstrips supply, the growing burden falls heavily on the shoulders of staff, who are 50% more likely to experience high levels of work-related stress compared with the general working population.

SilverCloud Health’s Health Systems Playbook: Reshaping the mental health pathway with digital solutions outlines the increased challenges facing healthcare providers, and how digital therapies relieve the strain, supporting systems and staff to operate more effectively, efficiently and economically.

Download the playbook to discover:

  • Why digital mental health services are an effective and proven partner to face-to-face therapy, improving care outcomes for patients by offering earlier intervention.
  • How online therapy can offer healthcare staff more autonomy, improving levels of resilience and wellbeing, and reducing stress and staff absenteeism.
  • A step-by step guide to effectively planning, evaluating and implementing digital therapy within your existing mental health treatment pathways.