Misting of windows in cars.

In cold weather, the driver is faced with such unpleasant phenomenon, as the misted car window. Apart from the discomfort due to the deterioration of the review, this fact can lead to an emergency situation.

Misting of windows in carsIf it is necessary to wipe glasses you should stop and wipe them dry with a clean, soft cloth, during the driving is generally enough to hold a few seconds the side window lowered by 2-3 cm. Air conditioning is also absorb atmospheric moisture. For a couple of minutes of the air conditioner work in the cabin humidity drops significantly. Foci of humidity increasing usually are wet umbrella, raincoat or damp carpets. With misting the car ventilation system is required to handle. When it is not so, you should check its condition. A potential reason for this – air filter is clogged, the fullness of dirt and leaves of the air intake pipe, sticking or jamming of air flap, unsatisfactory work of the stove, getting different items in the air vents of the windshield.


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