E-gas, what is it?

E-gasE-gas is an electronic gas pedal. Instead of driving the throttle cable people were installed gearmotor. Thus, the pedal has not mechanical connection with the throttle, and the engine management has been fully electronic.

The main components involved in the work of the electronic gas pedal:

the throttle sensor unit.
accelerator pedal with sensors.
ECU (engine control unit).
While pressing on the gas pedal, the sensors transmit data to the ECU. Based on these signals, and additional ones, computer sends a signal to the control unit throttle valve which opens / closes the shutter to a certain degree.


Smoothing of throttling.
Fuel economy.
Environmentally friendly.


“Meditation” in the first seconds after you press the pedal.
You can’t take a deep tuning, it is necessary to go back to the wire.
Problems with electronic gas pedal repair.
At first, the “raw” versions have the following faults of electronic gas pedal: swimming speed, the pedal sticks, throttling.


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