Self-Management Toolkit

Digital, on-demand Self-Management Toolkit – providing patients with the support they need while waiting for additional care.

We know that patients are waiting longer than ever before they get an appointment, clinician burnout is at an all-time high, and that there are heightened challenges of workforce recruitment and retention. 

That is why we have built the Self Management Toolkit, helping to deliver patients the tools and support they need while waiting for care.

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Self-Management Toolkit

For patients with mild or moderate symptoms of common mental health problems, the Self-Management Toolkit provides content and tools to:

  • Better self-manage their mental health
  • Navigate their symptoms while waiting for additional support from their care provider
  • Educate themselves in preparation for therapeutic treatment
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The Self-Management Toolkit is comprised of engaging content and tools focused on:

  • Wellbeing and Self-Management
  • Challenging Unhelpful Thoughts
  • Planning and Communication
  • Becoming a Resourceful Self-Manager
  • Plus, a variety of additional modules based on the patients’ needs
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Mark is experiencing a lot of stress due to recent unemployment

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There is an 8 weeks wait time before Mark's next visit with a clinician, however through the service website Mark can gain instant access to SilverCloud® Self Management Toolkit

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Mark signs up without a referral and gains access to clinically proven content & digital tools for Managing Worry & Employment Support

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The tools offer Mark support & by the time he visits his clinician he is already starting to feel better & has gained a good understanding of CBT 

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Mark retains access to the SilverCloud® platform for up to 12 months to maintain recovery

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Lisa is having trouble sleeping due to stress but doesn't want to resort to medicine

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Lisa visits local GP service's website to seek support

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Lisa gains instant access to digital tools to assist & self manage 

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Lisa has completed her toolkit and no longer needs to see her GP

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Lisa has access to the SilverCloud® platform for up to 12 months to maintain recovery 

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