E-gas, what is it?


E-gas is an electronic gas pedal. Instead of driving the throttle cable people were installed gearmotor. Thus, the pedal has not mechanical connection with the throttle, and the engine management has been fully electronic. The main components involved in the work of the electronic gas pedal: the throttle sensor unit. accelerator pedal with sensors. ECURead More

Categories of car alarms.

car alarms

All car alarms can be divided into several categories: entry-level, low and medium level. In each category there are its pluses and minuses. Car alarm of entry-level have only the bare essentials: sound and light warning about trying to get into the car, perhaps you will find in this category alarm with integrated lock andRead More

Misting of windows in cars.

Misting of windows in cars

In cold weather, the driver is faced with such unpleasant phenomenon, as the misted car window. Apart from the discomfort due to the deterioration of the review, this fact can lead to an emergency situation. If it is necessary to wipe glasses you should stop and wipe them dry with a clean, soft cloth, duringRead More